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Falling into His Grace

We are four months from a New Year and with it comes our New Year resolutions. As humans we take January as the time to forget what happened the previous year and start a clean slate with the upcoming year. However, we do not have to wait till then to change our relationship with Christ. Whether it is radiating bright, a semi-flame, or nonexistent we can fix where we stand with God at any time.
Throughout our walk with God we often slip back into our old ways that Christ redeemed us from. We turn away from the things of God and solely rely on our strength. We don’t allow God to be the center of all that we do. Yet, whenever we do His grace reminds us that we can always come right back to Him no matter how far we wander. The story of the prodigal son is a beautiful illustration of our Heavenly Father’s love and grace toward us. In the story the youngest son asked for his inheritance from his father and then left home. As he wandered he spent all the money and soon was down to nothing…