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Let Your Light Shine

Last month I witnessed God work in many mighty ways. He showed me that it doesn’t matter where I am that I should let my love for Him shine. On November 4th I was able to do just that. Three weeks prior to November 4th I had auditioned for our schools homecoming talent show. In fact, I was their second to last person to audition on their last day of auditions. The question rose in my heart as to why I auditioned. I felt as though it was finally the right time to. I had been wanting to perform a song in American Sign Language (ASL) since my freshman year at Texas State, yet, the timing never seemed right. Before auditioning I asked God what song he wanted me to sign, and he showed me the song was written on my shirt that day, “Redeemed”. So I auditioned with the song Redeemer by Nicole C. Mullen. As I walked onto that stage to perform I asked God, “even if I don’t make it for the actual show let this song touch someone in this room tonight. Let me do this for your glory. Let them see …