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Do I deserve this???

It is the end of the year and all I can think about is wow, how is it December already? Despite that it is the end of the year I reflect over this past year and all I can see is God showering down blessing after blessing over me. I see the opportunity to start another semester at Texas State, developing new friendships, participating in a once in a life time opportunity, and so much more. Yet, in the mist of it all I look back and think how I do not deserve any of it. In between each of those blessings I know I have sinned multiple times, and yet He still gives me another day to live in this world. “Who am I, that the eyes that see my sin/ would look on me with love/ and watch me rise again?” These relateable lyrics are sung by Mark Hall of the band Casting Crowns. Why would God choose me of all people to bless? I have sinned in more ways than I can count. I hold grudges against people I should be loving. I tend to judge a person as soon as they have done one wrong thing that they'…