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The Formative Years

The following post includes the my new job title.

“I’m thinking of becoming a middle school English teacher,” I smile as I tell another curious person. The statement is met with a look of shock followed by, “Why???” 
Every.  Time. 
I’m not even surprised anymore by the reaction, it seems natural. My response at first was a shrug. I couldn’t answer because all I knew was that I was drawn to the 6th-8th grade level. Yet, over the past month since I've graduated God has shaped the true response in my heart. I’ve begun to realize that those 3 years of our lives are the awkward years.  When most people look back on that time of their life they may or may not like what they see. 
Those awkward years are the years where we begin to change both emotionally, physically, and mentally. 6th through 8th grade are the years that we begin to grow up. Our eyes are opened to new ideas and images. Our culture begins to effect who we are in a new way.  Our bodies are developing, voices are changing, and…