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Beach Reach article part 1

Last month I had the opportunity to participate in an event called Beach Reach. This event brings hundreds of students from across the United States together during spring break for a week of ministry. Throughout the week we gave out free van rides and breakfast to thousands of spring breakers (students partying on the island). However, throughout these activities we also shared the Gospel as well as prayed for the students.
There were moments throughout the week where God just showed up in such a miraculous way that he just blew our minds. I believe that the name of our van was no accident.
Before going out to South Padre each group is supposed to define their van by naming it and writing it on the windows along with the number to call for students to receive a ride. Our team decided on the name Miracle Whip and boy did we see some miracles. God used our van in such a mighty way that we honestly couldn't believe that we had been chosen to be apart of such amazing God moments.