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Let Your Light Shine

Last month I witnessed God work in many mighty ways. He showed me that it doesn’t matter where I am that I should let my love for Him shine. On November 4th I was able to do just that. Three weeks prior to November 4th I had auditioned for our schools homecoming talent show. In fact, I was their second to last person to audition on their last day of auditions. The question rose in my heart as to why I auditioned. I felt as though it was finally the right time to. I had been wanting to perform a song in American Sign Language (ASL) since my freshman year at Texas State, yet, the timing never seemed right. Before auditioning I asked God what song he wanted me to sign, and he showed me the song was written on my shirt that day, “Redeemed”. So I auditioned with the song Redeemer by Nicole C. Mullen. As I walked onto that stage to perform I asked God, “even if I don’t make it for the actual show let this song touch someone in this room tonight. Let me do this for your glory. Let them see …

Thankful :)

This thanksgiving I am thankful. I am thankful for Texas State and the crazy roller coaster ride I have been on since arriving in the hill country. Texas State has given me a greater outlook on life because of the many adventures I have been on since my arrival. I’ve been able to discover who God has been molding me into. He isn’t done with me, but I am seeing His hand at work. I may have a year and a half left here at school, but I’m glad God has led me here. In addition, Texas State University has given me many diverse opportunities. For instance, I never thought I would take a trip to other state by myself. Two summers ago I was able to take a trip to Colorado for a leadership training with my church. Nor had I ever thought about working at a camp that would drive me crazy for a whole summer, but God opened that door. More so I have seen how God has used this school to develop my leadership abilities because of the organizations he has led me to. Due to my organizations I have bee…

I'm Not Strong Enough

“I know I'm not strong enough to be/everything that I'm supposed to be/I give up/I'm not strong enough/Hands of mercy won't you cover me/Lord right now I'm asking you to be/Strong enough” (Matthew West “Strong Enough”)
Dear Lord,                 It has not been easy lately. I have been feeling overwhelmed and have no idea how to handle it. I know you are here with me, but it is hard to feel you at times. I am not strong enough Lord to live this life on my own. You say, “I am the vine you are the branches abide in me, for apart from me you can do nothing.” I have been doing things apart from you, I wish I could stop. You are so great Lord for still loving me while I try and do things on my own. I keep running ahead of your plans for my life. I keep saying, “No let me do it. I can do it.” Yet I cannot. Because when I start taking the weight of the world on my shoulders I begin to fade. I began to crumble and get overwhelmed. Anxiety breaks loose and I have no way of c…

A Time for Everything

Ecclesiastes 3:1 states, “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.” Every circumstance we face, every victory we celebrate comes at just the right time. Verses 2-8 illustrates the various seasons that God will bring us through. However, I feel like there should be one more added verse to the ones that are already displayed: A time to learn and a time for application. This past summer God took me through a learning and growing season. The camp I spent my summer working at tried me in every area of my life. Yet, despite all of that God showed me that the places he puts you are for a reason that you may never fully understand. The fourth week that I was at camp God showed me one of the reasons he put me at this specific camp. While at camp we had a group of teen mom’s come through. Weeks prior to their arrival my boss asked my co-workers and I if any of us knew American Sign Language (ASL) because this group had a deaf camper coming with them that would …

Falling into His Grace

We are four months from a New Year and with it comes our New Year resolutions. As humans we take January as the time to forget what happened the previous year and start a clean slate with the upcoming year. However, we do not have to wait till then to change our relationship with Christ. Whether it is radiating bright, a semi-flame, or nonexistent we can fix where we stand with God at any time.
Throughout our walk with God we often slip back into our old ways that Christ redeemed us from. We turn away from the things of God and solely rely on our strength. We don’t allow God to be the center of all that we do. Yet, whenever we do His grace reminds us that we can always come right back to Him no matter how far we wander. The story of the prodigal son is a beautiful illustration of our Heavenly Father’s love and grace toward us. In the story the youngest son asked for his inheritance from his father and then left home. As he wandered he spent all the money and soon was down to nothing…

Created Beautifully

Everyone has their story, their own testimony. The best thing about each of our stories is that they are all unique, no two stories are exactly the same. In addition, just as each of our stories is unique so are each one of us.
“You don’t have to wonder you are wonderfully made/ perfectly beautiful in every way/ wonderfully, wonderfully made/ you’re anything but typical its true/ they ain’t seen anybody quite like you/ God never makes a mistake/ You are wonderfully made,” coons Mathew West’s “Wonderfully Made” through my headphones. I look up toward Heaven and simply think, “Am I?” And yet, I am reminded that God never makes a mistake. Genesis 1:27 states, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them.” Since we are created in his image He knew what he was doing when he molded us. Our personality, looks, and our story. Yet, there are times it is hard to accept ourselves. For me it is a daily struggle to remind myself t…

Sorrow turned to Dancing

Have you ever received so many no’s that you fear you will ever hear a yes? The discouragement starts to settles in and you begin settle for less than the best. This has recently happened to me, but the verse, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps” (Proverbs 16:9) has wandered back to me.
This past semester I was told no numerous times: No to going back to Colorado, no to going on a study abroad trip, no to a camp counselor position at a camp, and lastly, no to an internship job in South Carolina. All these no’s had me beyond discouraged about receiving a job this summer. It came to the point of me not wanting to apply for anything else in fear of receiving another no, but God lead me down a different path.
It was the week of waiting to hear back from the South Carolina internship when our school had their annual summer job and internship job fair. I was walking by the ballroom where the fair was taking place and my curiosity was held in trying to s…