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Unexpected Summer

What has this summer held for you? Has it held moments of exhilarating highs, or did it hold unbelievable lows? Were you challenged beyond belief, or were you able to relax? Well, I must say that I was challenged. Challenged in many ways. I saw God using my co-workers to bring out the worse in me as well as tears of laughter. 
At the beginning of the summer my boss asked me to write down three goals for the summer that I could be held accountable for. However, I was not anticipating my co-workers to challenge me beyond what I wrote. One of the biggest challenges came when one of my co-workers had a dream that involved me on the ropes course. She began yelling at me while I was at the top of the pole setting up the element because I wasn’t connected to the lifeline that was above me. She was constantly yelling, “Victoria! You aren’t connected to the lifeline!!! You need to hook yourself to the lifeline!” Now, when she told me this dream at breakfast the next morning I just kinda laughed…