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Last Week of school

So the last week of summer is here and we are gonna miss this summer so dear. Vacations were spent worldwide, but now we have to kiss it goodbye. Hot boys, and summer tans all have to be replaced with vanz. Time to make the grades and say hurray that graduation day is drawing near. Soon homework will be in the place of t.v and dances will be in place of the beach. So be ready cause there is no where we can hide, so lets say hello nationwide. To opening history books and classes galore Goodbye summer 2011 hello to a new year.


Though every Break-up Though every cry Your always with me. Though every sport Though every fight I know you have my back i know thats right :). Though every grade Though every Birthday Your smile i see brightens my day. Though all the stuff in my every day life  I know your willing to listen From every crush to every boyfriend You listened to it all To my first kiss to my first car  You were there though it all :)

Basketball :)

-Gasp- Did you see that!? -Spin- They almost got here! -Bang- Did she just fall? -Squeak- She looks like a blur! Consitration is what they seek Trying to be their best is what they plan Never endding practice if they please  To perfect every arch To follow threw everytime Sweat dripping from every angle Heavy breathing till the end Dribble, Dribble, Squeak,Squeak Get in the game or never speak!!