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New School Year, New Me

I am entering into my last and final year at Texas State University. I will be graduating in May of 2017. Sitting here typing this article I am thinking about the change I endured over the last three years. Change was the word I took hold of as I prepared for the upcoming school year. I declared that I want this year to be my best yet. So, before heading off to my leadership retreat I made a few subtle changes. I highlighted my hair, got new different glasses, and a few new articles of clothing. In doing these things I was a bit scared. I was nervous of what others would think about these new changes. Yet, I shouldn’t have. Those around me gave me compliments, and those that are close to me gave me good feedback on why a little change is good. All the feedback fueled me with a bit more confidence in the small changes that I was making. Then, at my leadership retreat I learned a lot about spiritual change. I was shown how I needed to evaluate my relationship with Christ. And during tha…