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Fighting the Battle with Prayer

February 14th is the pronounced date for lovers to shower their spouse in the finest flowers, chocolates, and foods. February 14th is also the day that many singles spend wishing and thinking “what if”. Some singles begin to possibly wish they were still in a previous relationship, even if it was a bad one. Others wish that they had someone special in their life to share this romantic day with. For many, it is hard to see couples walking around on this particular day because it becomes a reminder of what they don’t have. However, there is one thing we can do during this single season, pray for our future spouse.
The Lord states in Jeremiah 29:12, “Then you will call on me and go and pray to me, and I will listen to you (NKJV)”. Prayer is key to talking to God. We use prayer to ask for a variety of things, but how often do we use prayer to pray for our future spouse? Ever since I was about sixteen years old I began to understand the importance of praying for the man I will one day ma…

Living for something more in 2017

2017 is here!
As December came to an end, I kept seeing posts on Facebook about how many people didn’t like what this past year held for their life. Many people wanted it to be 2017 already so that this last chapter could close and be over with. 2016 was a crazy historic year for many people, especially with the presidential election, but you know what? Every day of last year shaped this year. We may have wanted last year to end so badly that we forgot to live in the here and now, and the motions of everyday became more routine instead of doing everything with a purpose. However, each day should be lived intentionally. As the body of Christ we have so much to give this world. We have a joy that not many people have access to. We have a hope that has come and redeemed us from the road of destruction we had been traveling before we were saved (Matthew 7:13). We have an indescribable love of a father that won’t leave us because he cares for us in a way we will never understand (1 Peter 5…