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Plans Change

As humans we don’t like it when our plans change. We have multiple ways that we react to a change of plans. We either, throw a fit and have a bad attitude, or we take it in stride. Over spring break I was doing some reflecting and noticed how many of my plans changed over the years since I have graduated high school. I can see how each of the pathways I had created for myself proved to be a dead end. Here are two examples.
I went into college with the idea of becoming an actress, and for many people they understood that because my passion in high school was theater. I loved the way I could put on a different mask with every play I did. It was great being able to step into another world for a few hours. I thought that I would be doing that for the rest of my life, stepping into someone else’s shoes for others on a stage, but God changed that. I still love performing, but God showed me that theater wasn’t where he wanted me. He pointed me toward a different degree my sophomore year. He …