Plans Change

As humans we don’t like it when our plans change. We have multiple ways that we react to a change of plans. We either, throw a fit and have a bad attitude, or we take it in stride. Over spring break I was doing some reflecting and noticed how many of my plans changed over the years since I have graduated high school. I can see how each of the pathways I had created for myself proved to be a dead end. Here are two examples.

I went into college with the idea of becoming an actress, and for many people they understood that because my passion in high school was theater. I loved the way I could put on a different mask with every play I did. It was great being able to step into another world for a few hours. I thought that I would be doing that for the rest of my life, stepping into someone else’s shoes for others on a stage, but God changed that. I still love performing, but God showed me that theater wasn’t where he wanted me. He pointed me toward a different degree my sophomore year. He showed me Communication Studies, no it is not PR and marking, my major is more directed at how people interact with each other. I have spent the last two years learning how the foundation for humans is communicating with each other both verbally and nonverbally. It has been eye opening and has directed me toward a bigger passion of mine; communicating with people on a day to day basis. Talking with different people and learning about them, listening to their stories, and just enjoying their company. Doing these things multiple times a day brings me so much joy. God showed me that. My dreams had to drop so that I could step into other people’s shoes in a new way. I pray I will be that listening ear, or encourager that others are looking for. Because of the change from theater to communications it has led me to my current job as a retreat staffer at a camp that I love.

My second example is from this semester. I once again was weighing my different options for the summer and I decided I wanted to go back to Colorado. So I applied, and was accepted, but then a few weeks later I was told that I couldn’t go after all. I was broken hearted. I had already made plans with my friends who were going back, and I was so excited. Yet, as I write this I have begun to see why I don’t need to go back to Colorado. I would be going there for a leadership training program that I don’t need. I’m not saying my leadership skills are perfect, because they are not, but God has given me so many leadership opportunities that there is no need for me to go back. I feel like God is pointing me toward a future of working with a non-profit organization that I am in love with. His plan is different than mine. Proverbs 19:21 “many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails”. Yeah, we can formulate our next five year plan, but God just may have something different in mind. I’m seeing it in my own life. I’m seeing that God’s ideas and ways are so different from ours. He knows what is going to make our heart happy. He knows us better than we know ourselves because he formed us (Psalm 119:73).

From these two lessons in my life I am learning to let God work and to step back. As much as I like to know where I am headed I know that God will easily change my plans. So I would like to say to you my readers to be prepared, be prepared for a change of plans. However, I believe that the change will be good. We serve a good father and he wants to see his children succeed. Yet, he also wants us to lean on him. Let him guide you as the seasons begin to change. He knows what he is doing. 


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