Do I deserve this???

It is the end of the year and all I can think about is wow, how is it December already? Despite that it is the end of the year I reflect over this past year and all I can see is God showering down blessing after blessing over me. I see the opportunity to start another semester at Texas State, developing new friendships, participating in a once in a life time opportunity, and so much more. Yet, in the mist of it all I look back and think how I do not deserve any of it. In between each of those blessings I know I have sinned multiple times, and yet He still gives me another day to live in this world.
“Who am I, that the eyes that see my sin/ would look on me with love/ and watch me rise again?” These relateable lyrics are sung by Mark Hall of the band Casting Crowns. Why would God choose me of all people to bless? I have sinned in more ways than I can count. I hold grudges against people I should be loving. I tend to judge a person as soon as they have done one wrong thing that they've never done before. So I raise the question: “Who am I that God chooses to give me the best?” The reason is because I am His daughter.  
Each and every one of us are His sons and daughters. He chooses to bless us every day because he has forgiven every one of our sins once we repent. Psalm 130:12 says “As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.” He has removed them from us so we could live a life more satisfying and fulfilling in Him. No, we do not deserve His mercy just as Jesus did not deserve to die on the cross, and yet he did. God showed us how much He loves us when Jesus stretched out his arms and died for us. We were the ones who deserved to have died on that cross. When Jesus died and rose again he broke the veil that separated us from having a personal relationship with God. Because of that we are able to come to God asking for forgiveness and accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior.
So the question of: Who Am I, is no more. You are a new creature in Christ (Colossians 3:9-10). You have the power to accomplish great things because you have the strength of Jesus Christ living in you (Philippians 4:13). Most importantly you are chosen by the Creator of the world that way he can accomplish His will through you (1 Peter 2:9). You are the child of the most high and just as I do deserve my blessings, so do you. We will question constantly why He is being so good to us, but just know that there is a reason for it. There is a plan that He is revealing gradually with each blessing. 


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