Fully living each day.

Life is a precious gift. We are not promised another day, yet, God still gives us another breath to take. There are days that we wish we could stay in bed rather than face the day. Yet, what if we are in that mindset and God decides to take us home before we could see the next day?

God encourages us through His Word by stating “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring” (Proverbs 27:1). We all have days we look forward to in the distant future, but if we are so focused on that day we may miss out on what is going on in front of us. Take for example, high school students looking forward to graduation day. I know there where days I could not wait till I was out of my parents’ house and in college, but then again I look back and wish I had spent more time outside of my room instead of watching the days pass. High School is a time of enjoying yourself and really spending time with your friends, and more importantly; your family. In addition to that, it is a time of exploration. Finding what you love to do. No, I am not saying that you have to have your life figured out in high school, but find what you truly enjoy and work hard to perfect it. Yet, we are in such a rush to grow up that we don’t see how important our teen years are. It is not till we are where we have been longing to be that we realize just how important that time was.

We spend so much time planning for the future that we forget about the present. I had a talk with a friend of mine over the summer in asking about the upcoming school year and this is how the conversation went about. Me: “Have you been planning for your tutoring sessions for the upcoming school year yet?” My friend responds with: “No, I prefer to live for right now rather than think about when I go back home” His response hit me with a new twist to how I had been thinking up till that point. Prior to asking him this question I had been constantly thinking about the upcoming school year, and the busy schedule I was sure to have. But he stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that what happens in three weeks will take care of its self when it arrives. Along with his verbal reminder I noticed how he gave everything into everyday no matter the circumstance. Because of that I was reminded that at that moment all I needed to worry about was the upcoming service we were having that night, and the friends that I was surrounded by.

I want to encourage you with living in the now. Living each day as if you were to die tomorrow. God has put us on this earth for a purpose, and what better way to glorify him then living each day as a candle radiating His light and love. Showing his love every day and allowing him to lead your path. Looking toward the future is not a bad thing, but forgetting about the day ahead is. Take one step at a time and live each day as of it was your last. 


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