Being single isn't all bad

February is known as the love month. When one thinks of the month of February they can’t help thinking of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s day is the day spouse's show their significant other just how much the other means to them. They go to expensive lengths to do something special for the person they care about.

Christmas 2015
Sadly that isn’t the case for me. I am a single college student. My days revolve around school, my fraternity, church, and my relationship with Christ, and you know what? I have started to accept it. I have slowly begun to see why being single is ok. My cousin actually taught me this. There was a day she was talking to me about some personal things in her life when I said the statement, “You sometimes have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others.” And as I laid in bed that night I realized that statement is something that needs to be playing out in my life. Throughout the semester I am overly stressed out about many things, but as I write this I notice how little I actually do for myself. I am seeing that right now I should be focusing on God and his plans for my life. That I have to find out who I am before God brings a guy into my world. For example, I love the show Parenthood, and there is a recent episode I watched where the older couple in the show had been going through a rough patch. Millie (the older woman) was upset because her husband had found his niche and was going after it with passion. His dreams were coming true. However, she was upset because she didn’t have the same drive as him. She states, “You were incredibly happy, and it had nothing to do with me.” I want to be like her husband and be happy with my life and the things I do. I don’t want my happiness to depend on my boyfriend because it shouldn’t. My happiness and joy should come from my Creator, in addition, if I can’t learn to love and accept everything about myself, what makes me think I am going to allow a man to love me. Yet as I write this a voice whispers to me, “He will love you because I love you.” God loves everything about me even when I can’t see past the acne on my cheeks. He’s a good Father. This month, as well as, this year I am taking the time to get to know myself better. To allow myself to truly trust my Heavenly Father. To accept my flaws and strengthen my strengths. To let God mold me into the woman he has called me to be. The single life isn’t a bad thing, and this Valentine’s Day I don’t want to think about my singleness in a bad light, but in the glistening of promise. Of things to come.

Enjoying my job
God may not have a man or woman in your life right now, but there is a reason. Perhaps God wants you to explore how he created you. To take this time and allow yourself to grow. Maybe it’s to draw you into a closer relationship with Him. Yes God intended for us to be in relation with one another, but he also intended for us to grow individually and not rely heavily on other people. So take some time to get to know yourself, you were wonderfully made. 


  1. Aww! What an inspiration for young ladies to hear....way to know your worth!


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