Part 2 of Beach Reach

The following piece is a continuation of last month’s article titled Beach Reach Part 1.

We encountered countless times where God came through over the course of the week, but there is one personal thing that God showed me. It was a lesson that God had been reinforcing to me over the course of the school year.

This school year I wanted to make it one to remember, and become more of who Christ has called me to be. So, over the last 8 months I have been trying to focus on myself in several different ways. During spring break I wanted to understand more of who God has created me to be, so when I came across the following verse during my time in South Padre I was thankful. In Acts 11:29 Paul writes, “then the disciples, each according to his ability determined to send relief to the brethren dwelling in Judea” the part that says each according to his ability really hit me because I tend to look at others and wish I could do what they can do. I fought this as we were in South Padre the first couple of days because my friends could easily strike up conversations with the people that got into the van. They would cut to the chase in what they were talking about and did it with such boldness. I kind of envied them. Now, I know that the Bible states we shouldn't envy other people, but it is something I struggle with and feel that a lot of people struggle with because we feel that we don't measure up. In addition, I also allowed my hearing to stand in the way at times when I couldn't hear people because my hearing wasn't where it was supposed to be at the time due to one of my hearing aids being broken. So when it came to trying to have conversations with someone within a packed van I became very insecure. It was a hard few days. But then this verse in Acts stopped me in my tracks. God reminded me that I am not them. It made me look at each of us within our seven people group and realize that all seven of us had something different to bring to this trip. That the gifts and talents that I brought to this trip were completely different from theirs, and I should be utilizing them rather than trying to be like my friends. Due to that reminder, I began to take the gifts I have and tried to turn away from envying them. Was it easy? No, not at all, but I just had to stop thinking about what I didn’t have and use what I did have. What I had that week was my camera, a heart to help others, and prayer. I also had the ability to have good one on one conversations with people outside of a large group.

The girls of Beach Reach
Spring Break 2017 was a week to remember with many lessons and many memories. It is funny how God can take us somewhere and use us in new ways. He doesn't have to call the qualified. He calls us to be a witness for Him. He calls us to use the gifts and talents that He has given us, rather than try to be someone else. I hope I never forget what that week taught me, because God moved in such mighty ways. He used our team in such mighty ways. I firmly believe that it is trips like Beach Reach that help us grow into who God is shaping us to be.


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