A Four Year Rollercoaster

Graduation day!
A week and a half ago included one of the biggest days of my life, my college graduation. I honestly can’t believe that my time at Texas State is over. Undergrad life was a rollercoaster of emotions. From Freshman year to Senior year I dealt with a lot of life changing events. During my freshman year I had the opportunity to go on my first out of state road trip with people I barely knew, and today those people mean the world to me. 2.42 Church is the group I took that trip with. Over the course of four years they taught me so much about the world around me. Our bible study group, the Thundercats, showed me true friendship over the years. I made lifelong friends within 2.42. They are going to be missed greatly.

My favorite batch of people: 2.42 Church!
There was a time between my freshman year and my sophomore year where I spent 3 months in the beautiful majestic Rocky Mountains. 2.42 has a leadership program that they do every year called Colorado LT (leadership training). Those three months changed me internally in so many ways. It was there that I had the opportunity to take on my first church leadership role as a small group leader. Being the leader of 4 other girls at 18 going on 19 was a task. It was hard and I honestly thought, “why in the world would my pastor tell the organization to write me down as a leader? I’m not ready for this.” When I look back on that time I still wonder that, but then I think about how I’ve kept in touch with two of those four girls, and still see the third one from time to time. I think about how leading those girls was the first leadership position I held in college. That summer will be one that I never forget.

The Noble brothers & sisters of 
Pi Chapter at Texas State.
My sophomore year introduced me to full membership with my co-ed fraternity Alpha Psi Lambda. This group allowed me to take on leadership roles I never anticipated. Our group was only on campus for three of my fours years, and I was only a current member for two years, but they taught me a lot in that short time span. I learned how to let go and have fun on our trips to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, how to give all I’ve got into our dance routines, why it is important to have good grades (because it might just save an organization), and the what it means to be a minority in a majority school. We had some hard times over those few years, but we also had some great times. We got to see history made as our organization reached its 30th anniversary nationally. I got to take on the role of presidency, which is something I wanted to do in high school, but lost the chance. And lastly, I learned what it means to take pride in something even if the group drives you crazy, and makes you mad, because in the end you are all brothers and sisters fighting the same fight.

My first summer at CB. 
Then the summer of 2015 I took on a new job. One that I tried to avoid at first, but a job that held so many lessons. I joined the summer staff of Camp Buckner with 4 other people, and went on a crazy ride. I stayed in a house with 5-9 people my first summer working there, and the second summer there were only 6 of us. When I compare the two summers I see so many differences and similarities. I see the crazy repetitive nights of YoungLife. I see the endless summer days, and a sixteen hour job. Alongside those things are the arguments that came about due to tiredness and agitation. Relationships that hindered the purpose of our job, and days where I just wanted to walk away from it all. Yet, with all the craziness of camp I saw people’s lives changed, including mine. I learned new skills and conquered fears, but more than anything I learned more about God. We may not have been able to go to church very often, but I saw God in the work we were doing. Especially when it came to the foster families that came through the camp. His love showed in the most unexpected times during my time in the Hill Country, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

The ultimate God Lovers group: Chi Alpha. 
I only spent one
year with them, but I'm a 
better person because of them. 
My junior and senior years went by in a flash in all honesty. God used me in new ways during those two years. I had the opportunity to glorify Him in front of 900 plus people at school during junior year, and learn more about His love and His character during my senior year because of a new organization I joined. I can only smile at what He did.

This is the nutshell version of my college years, but if you have been reading my articles for the last four years then you have a good idea of what God has been working on inside of me. College was stressful, and tiring, but at the same time exciting and eye-opening. I had so much freedom to explore the world during the last four years. I am beyond grateful that He paved a way for me to go to Texas State because without it my life would have been completely different. Oh, and I wouldn’t have a degree. I am a proud graduate of Texas State’s class of 2017! If you are a current high schooler or college student I ask that you cherish your remaining time. God has plans for you no matter where you are. Let Him take you on an amazing journey. I promise, it will be unforgettable.


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